From Pot Holes to Plot Holes

Normally life in Phuket is pretty awesome …for an expat with a lil’ cashskis. If you’re poor though, it would probably suck quite a bit. Nonetheless, even the money-challenged can always go to a beach like this for free.


An image so sweet it makes you want to lick the screen

Lately though the weather’s gone all screwy with high pressure systems and all that other weather jargon I don’t really understand, and currently the beach looks like this:


Cloud-bathing anyone?

One thing I do understand is that driving on the road is much easier when there aren’t cavernous holes looking to swallow your front wheel whole and send you flying into the bitumen.

Thai tax dollars, hard at work


The road outside my apartment is perilous enough as it is, but when it starts raining those potholes aren’t so easy to gauge the depth of.


Who says you can't just ride a bike in the rain with an umbrella?

So that’s why I drove very carefully to go see Limitless the other night at the nearby shopping mall. A lot of people complained there were too many plot holes in the movie, but I didn’t see any that couldn’t be explained with a little imagination.

I really only mention that because I wanted to call this blog post “From Pot Holes to Plot Holes.” Wordplay rules.

To see just how nuts this busted up road is check out the video below. Some people drive around the minefield of massive chunks all over the road. Others just plough on through and wreck up the bottom of their car. I thought about filling up the big hole with sand to prevent needless death, but that might constitute work and working would contravene certain visa rules. So roll on with the mayhem and carnage!

Meanwhile local mechanics are reporting record business levels in wheel realignment services.

You don’t need a pill that unlocks the other 80% of your brain to see the connection.



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