Common Sense Prevails!


I've never been so happy to watch someone take a dump

After about fifty bazillion motorcyclists crashed or almost crashed driving down my insane street, the local council has finally decided to invest in some rubble and shovel-time to fill in the pot holes. I was almost going to go scoop up some sand from Patong beach and fill in the holes myself, but these guys showed up just in time to save me the trouble:


Take this job and shovel it

Council workers slack off no matter which country you're in

I was so overwhelmed with joy that something was being done to stem the senseless injuries, I stood on my balcony and applauded. The workers seemed to appreciate that and gave me the big thumbs up. Interesting aside – the big middle finger doesn’t mean anything to Thai people. When you do it, they just look at the sky. Ah the things you can learn from travel…

In Australia, they block off traffic while completing roadwork - what a waste of time!

My street is still a total disgrace, and doesn’t even appear on Google maps (something about it only being less than two years old according to one local). At least now though it’s not as deadly as it was a week ago. Only a little bit deadly. Safety first!


It's not a road, it's a freakin' obstacle course

Maybe if we all drove steam rollers instead of motorbikes...?


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