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Harness Pug Rides Again

Some say the best time to write is when you feel inspired and, to me, there’s nothing more inspiring than a woman riding a motorbike wearing a pug in a harness. Especially when the pug has it’s own little pug-sized … Continue reading

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The Writing’s on the (Facebook) Wall

Looks like this massive social network is about to go the way of AOL, MySpace, and all that other techno garbage that was fun until a new toy came along. Just as video killed the radio star, Twitter kills the … Continue reading

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What? It’s Easter?

You really wouldn’t know it was Easter in Thailand. There’s a bunch of Monks and Mosques around, but as far as I know those guys aren’t selling out their faith for a few chocolate eggs. We’re all still recovering from … Continue reading

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Ladyboy and the Tramp

Without getting into it too much, you want to watch yourself around the ladyboys of Thailand… They can be an unruly bunch. And greedy. The one time I was a victim of crime in Thailand was the result of a … Continue reading

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This Post Sucks…

…like a monkey on a Chupa Chup. What I’d really like to do is spend some time putting together thoughtful journalistic pieces on the things that matter, like the ladyboy infiltration of society in SE Asia. Or blow the lid … Continue reading

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Down to Brass Tacks

This guy called it: See you when I see you, freeloaders ;)

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Chups Checks In

Hi everyone, I’m Chups the monkey. I’m filling in for Mr Tong, who was filling in for Mr Carrot. They’re both staying outside Patong until the police take down all their revenue-raising checkpoints after that messy Songkran water festival. Did you know … Continue reading

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