Evil Toe Rides Again

Foot Foulness

You want a piece of me? It's on the bitumen

One thing that’s never a waste of time, besides reading my enthralling blog, is learning as much as you can about pharmacology for those times when seeing a doctor is impractical and no one else seems to be bothering with prescritptions.

In times like that, it’s good to have a good friend who’s also a qualified nurse. Shout out to ya, S.Gal ;)

What you want to do with a wound like the above is keep it clean with some of this burny stuff:

And wipe away all that nasty-but-cool yellow pus. Keep it as clean as possible, and exposed to air at night when you’re asleep or unlikely to knock it on anything (trust me, that kills). Then you want to get some of this anti-inflammatory stuff, ibuprofen.


One pill makes you larger and one makes you small... your big toe anyway

Three or so of those a day and you’re golden. Hell, I even play squash with this gaping toe wound and it seems to be healing up nicely – AND my game’s improved outta sight :D

Check it out, nice and clean:

I’ll be ready to start hooning carelessly up and down ultra-dangerous roads again with thongs on in no time!


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5 Responses to Evil Toe Rides Again

  1. Lisa says:

    Next time – how about a warning next time that I will be grossed out when I open the email?! Ugh!

  2. Lisa says:

    Crikey – that wasn’t one of my betterer examples of good English…

  3. I won’t hold it against you. You have internet immunity against bad spelling, gramma and sentence structuring

  4. Pingback: Cranky Carrot

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