Blog Science

I don’t know how you’re supposed to drive traffic to your website/blog thingo, but I’ll bet there’s all sorts of wacky strategy involved.

...or maybe it was the same 3 lonely, bored people repeat-clicking?

This many people took at least 6 nano seconds of interest in the ramblings of a grumpy vegetable

For an activity that pays sweet FA, it sure can eat up a lot of time – so I’m relaxing my ‘post every day’ policy until I can figure out how much time it’s worth investing in mindless self-indulgence. I mainly just do it to share zany pics and stories from Thailand – and pull traffic away from Facebook. That Zuckerberg character is rich enough.

I think people don’t have the time to read that much but they love pics ’cause they’re quick and easy. So what’s a good pic-to-text ratio for a blog? My wild-arse guess would be something like 300-500 words with 3 pics breaking up the paragraphs of writing. The photos don’t even have to have anything to do with what you’re writing about, like my main man, praying Ronald here:

All that good, authentic Thai food and people still eat this rubbish

You can beg all you want Ron - I'm not eating your shit food

The WordPress stats are pretty interesting to look at – it’s cool to see how many people are looking at your site, and where they were referred from. I think the idea is to put key word search stuff in there too. And have categories. So far I haven’t bothered with all that junkola.

The other thing I reckon is a good technique is to just take something you were emailing a friend about anyway and just cut and past the interesting stuff while removing anything you want to keep private.

How often do people want to read someone’s blog anyway – if you do it every day, people take it for granted and maybe get bored. Some would say you’re better off saving it all up and doing one or two posts a week. Then you have to watch out that people don’t get frustrated and give up checking your site for new content when it’s not coming out as often as they want it. That’s if you give a crap about building a following I s’pose.

Any other bloggers out there have theories on this? Comment – I don’t think you have to sign up or anything to post a remark below, but if you do …well that’s kind of a pain in the arse and they should fix it. In this age of instant gratification, you can’t afford to make people wait. Even if your service is free. We want it all and we want it now.

And now to attempt to re-heat last night’s fried rice and veggies. I don’t know how long rice keeps in the fridge before it goes bad, but just now I’m experimenting by heating a bowl of it with boiling hot water.

Yum scrum

The secret ingredient is bacteria

If I don’t post again here, it’s because I’ve died of food poisoning…

…either that or I’m just being lazy.



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Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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2 Responses to Blog Science

  1. Miss Q says:

    I don’t what looks worse, your lunch or your toe.

  2. I might have eaten my toe scab if I could have reached… waste not want not :)~

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