Ladyboys on the Loose!

Hey! Check out this ladyboy:


"Only your gender reassignment surgeon will know..."

So anyway, one single day without a post or a plug and the numbers really plummet. Interesting…


You rotten bastards! Get back here and read my ramblings at once!!

If you charted public curiosity in Charlie Sheen for the past week, I reckon it would look like this

I’d write about all my wild, carrotly antics over the last 48hrs, but first I want to learn how to link key search words to the blog – I reckon that could really drum up some traffic.

Also I want to know what the ideal text to pic ratio is for a blog, as well as how many words to have overall. Figure it’s about working out what the attention span of your target audience is. So who the hell is my target audience? Hmmmm let’s see, well I guess it’s umm…


Perhaps that’s a little bit too broad a scope…

Ok, maybe my target audience is this guy:


Get him off Get him off! GET HIM OFF!!

Damn, now it’s too narrow …and fruity.

Hmmm… maybe my target audience is mum. How embarrassing.

Is it post-modern to blog about blogging? Just what the hell era is going to come after post-modern anyway? Post-post-modern? Bah, it’s too early for philosophical discourse. I’m due for my second cup of “morning powder.” See ya!

A caffeinated kick to the brain is just what we all need sometimes


About Cranky Carrot

Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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