Kamala Beach Bummin’

After the heaven’s stopped bucketing down in rainy Phuket the other day, I managed to hit Kamala beach for a little toe-dip.

I snapped the boat so you'd know I wasn't fibbing about it being Kamala


With my heinous toe wound scabbing up, I thought it would be interesting to see how much the salt water would sting.

You know you've been living on an island a while when your foot has a tan line


Turns out it didn’t hurt at all. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but if amputation ends up being necessary I’ll just learn to kick-arse with the other four toes. What’s a big toe good for anyway? Around the back of the beach they have a bunch of restaurants with very reasonably-priced hamburgers and American breakfasts – my staple. About $3.50 for a beach side burger and $4-ish for the Yanky style eggs and toast etc. Those are Aus figures, but the US dollar and the Aus are same/same now anyway. Go sub prime mortgage crises!

Besides the cheap grub, they also have little stalls selling quirky ornaments like this lil guy:

Tell me your desk wouldn't look better with this little guy protecting it from pen thieves

This next one reminds me of what happened to that politician in the Simpsons who didn’t hail to the chimp:


"Arrggh! No more piggy back rides for this guy!"

Yup, a stroll down Kamala that sunny afternoon did me a world of good. Sometimes it’s good to get away from hectic Patong and just chill out on quieter beach. If you’re looking for surf though you might want to wait for the wind to pick up a bit.




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