Open Wide for some Songkraaaaaan!!

Thai New Year, which is totally different to Chinese New Year (I thought maybe they might be connected, but they’re not) is tomorrow.

Weapons on the left, shields on the right

In a nutshell, everybody celebrates by throwing water at each other, which causes a lot of road accidents – even more than the general laissez-faire attitude towards road safety here. Thank god for spell-check or I’d never have been able to spell ‘laissez-faire’ in a hurry.

Although they say everybody is fair game, including police, this is not the case.

Ever since I heard it’s cool to throw water at ANYONE Songkran,  I’ve been itching to dish out some civilian-justice to all those traffic cops who’ve ripped me off over BS fines in the past.

I mentioned my plans to squirt a police officer in the face to a friend of mine and she made that funny “OOOOOooooooiiiiee!” noise Thai people do all the time and issued this warning:

“I tink if yooou choot police wit wah-tah gun – day choot you back wit real gun ah.”

Maybe if one were to hide in just the right spot, or lobbed a water balloon from afar… Where’s a grassy knoll when you need one?


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