Alcohol + Waterpistols = Awesome

Although I heard a few ambos booming up and down the street during yesterday’s festivites, I’m surprised and pleased to say I didn’t witness a single accident or animal getting hit.

Concealed side-arm and backup bottle for surprise splashing

That said, it was pretty hard to see much of anything with all that water being squirted in my eyes. People are bastards like that – always aiming for the face. I’m not one to talk. I would almost always favour the head-shot. I reckon there should be a pie day somewhere where all people do is slam those clown pies into each others mugs.



In fact, I suggest every single festival in Thailand or elsewhere involves items being shoved into or thrown at peoples faces. And booze …lots of booze. To foreigners like myself, that was what Songkran was all about. Getting totally pissed up on Thai whiskey, beer and what have you, running around with water pistols, and pretty much behaving in as childish a fashion as possible.

Straight from my balcony to your face


Extra points if it contains whiskey and coke

I’ve never had so much sanook* in my life :)~

No one knows how to have fun* like the Thai.


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3 Responses to Alcohol + Waterpistols = Awesome

  1. Scully says:

    dude, are you shooting water from your room at powerlines?? That’s just plain irresponsible!

  2. Being plain irresponsible is what Songkran is all about!

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