Life, the Universe and Blogging

Thanks to this pic, Google searches for "huge cock" now direct here

So I read this thing that said you’re supposed to blog every day if you want to build and keep an audience. Frankly I thought basic psychology dictated that the rat presses the button for a treat more often when it is only rewarded intermittently.

If that was the case you’d just have to post totally at random. Like every third Wednesday, then five days in a row followed by nada for two weeks… Who the hell knows? Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate you:

Read my blog and they'll give you a kiss

I guess you’d have to do it just often enough for people who want to read your ramblings keep coming back for more, but not so frequently they’ll get sick of you.

What a frickin’ chore!

Other studies indicate the most popular websites on the net offer mindless yet amusing fluff… babies pretending to talk to each other, kitty cats falling into boxes and puppy dogs being cute. Like this li’l fella:

Less blog, more dog

One fellow blogger reckons people are more likely to read and comment on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays – A theory he bases on his own site’s long term stats. I guess people are preoccupied with finishing all their work on Thursdays and Fridays – work they should have been doing when they were sitting at their desks reading some dimwit’s blog during the first three days of the week.

So if you’re blogging and you want people to pay any kind of attention to you, best put your most thoughtful and polished stuff out on Monday through Wednesday during the week and simply post dreck on weekends.

Tell me this doesn't look like it belongs on the front of some religious pamphlet

Come Saturday and Sunday, most people find themselves suddenly unshackled from their desks, and ready to experience life for themselves — instead of vicariously through a cheeky, novice travel-blogger like yours truly.

So unless your target audience is unemployed, best save up the good stuff for the start of the week. Until then, enjoy my dreck.



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