Chups Checks In

"Sit down and tell Chups aalll about it"

Hi everyone,

I’m Chups the monkey. I’m filling in for Mr Tong, who was filling in for Mr Carrot. They’re both staying outside Patong until the police take down all their revenue-raising checkpoints after that messy Songkran water festival.

Did you know fatalities are down about 30% for the holiday period this year? Score!

If you’re wondering why they call me Chups, well …let’s just say you don’t want to try brandishing any Chupa Chups around me. I get awful-grabby sometimes you see.

What? Like you dont eat lollipops in the nude?

I just can’t help myself. I mean, the fact is I’m in such a rush to get to all that candy-goodness I don’t even bother to take the wrapper off.

"I dont know about this new plastic flavour theyve put out"

I’ll bet Cranky never thought he’d meet someone who loves Chupa Chups more than him. Mnnnggum mgnum mgnum…

By the way, how do you like the view from up here?

Not bad eh?


– Chups


About Cranky Carrot

Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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