This Post Sucks…

…like a monkey on a Chupa Chup.

Hes whittling a chiv to off his captors

What I’d really like to do is spend some time putting together thoughtful journalistic pieces on the things that matter, like the ladyboy infiltration of society in SE Asia. Or blow the lid off the theory that monkeys only eat bananas – take it from me, they much prefer popcorn and strawberry milk.

Prachuap Monkeys in a Popcorn Frenzy

While people need to know this stuff, assembling even a semi-decent blog post takes time and pays like twelve cents an hour at best – assuming you can get some Ad-sense “money” rolling in. It would have to roll in actually, since only coins roll and people seldom make the kind of cash from blogging that comes in paper form.

I’ll probably put together a better piece tomorrow… or maybe the day after that. Whenever it’s statistically least likely to be a total waste of my time.




About Cranky Carrot

Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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