What? It’s Easter?

You really wouldn’t know it was Easter in Thailand. There’s a bunch of Monks and Mosques around, but as far as I know those guys aren’t selling out their faith for a few chocolate eggs. We’re all still recovering from Songkran, quite honestly.

"Religion schmeligion - You just didn't bring me any eggs cause you're a stingey sod, Cranky"

Meanwhile I’d like to offer my personal thoughts on the holiday. All religion aside, one thing has always bugged me about Easter ever since I was a young Carrot. A question that has plagued me, and possibly all mankind…

And that question is…

Just where do they get off calling this stock-standard chocolate easter bunny a quote-unquote “elegant” rabbit??? He just stands there like all the other rabbits – there’s nothing particularly noteworthy, unique or fanciful here – just take a look:

If he's only four bucks, he can't be that classy

What the Christ is so freaking elegant about him? I don’t know if confectionery of this kind enjoys the same bloated title anywhere else in the world, but where I come from his moniker would have you believe he’s f-ing royalty.

It’s wrong.

PS Happy Holidays!



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Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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