Happy Deathday To You!

“Got Him”

That’s all the tabloids need to print next to a picture of Osama to get the gist of the last 24 hours across.

#1 most wanted fugitive or not, there's no excuse for poor grooming

It’s interesting comparing the way each major network relays the story on cable TV here in Thailand. I like to flick between BBC News, Al Jazeera and then the ever-present Fox News. If you’re reading this blog then, err… well, you can read – meaning you’re outside the demographic Fox News targets.

"I dun reckon that Fox has the bestest news of all"

Actually, I love Fox News – it’s one of the funniest shows on television. And useful. When I don’t have a fresh cup of coffee around to wake me up in the morning, nothing gets my blood pumping faster than the rage inspired by listening to Bill O’Reilly’s idea of what is “Fair and Balanced.”

YOU better get up Cranky - don't make me fill your ears with my nonsense for another 20 minutes

Seriously, I can switch from groggy to go within about 60 seconds of flicking on the telly and listening that nincompoop sound off. Try it. Really, TV is the only drug I need – Forget caffeine and diazepam – I have Fox News to wake me up and the Tourism Channel to put me to sleep. It’s the perfect substitute ;)



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