A Farang in Penang – part I

Every 60 odd days or so Thailand extends it’s boot into the backside of lazy tourists like myself and sends us flying towards the borders. Some of us move on. Others of us head straight to the nearest Thai embassy in countries like Malaysia and ask for permission to go back inside the Kingdom as soon as possible.

Welcome to sunny and beautiful Penang! Err... I mean - Welcome to Penang!

This is known as a “visa run,” and having done it the minivan-way on previous occasions I decided this time I’d try it in a way that didn’t require my being folded up like a human step-ladder and crammed in the back of a poorly ventilated vehicle for eight hours. Or riding in the cargo-hold of a 2nd class bus, like my main man here:

Last Class

Using the excellent (and free) Skyscanner App on my iPhone, I found a nice cheap flight from Phuket to Penang. There was just one problem – the plane looked like this:

Modern Technology, circa 1962

I was mortified. I’ve never flown in anything with visible propellers before, and this thing looked about as air-worthy as that Spruce Moose plane Mr Burns tried to force Smithers into when he was nuts in the Simpsons.

"I said hop in"

I immediately looked up the model number for the plane on Wikipedia and checked the list of accidents and incidents it had been involved in over the many, many years since its invention. Turns out most of the trouble had been with “icing” occurring in the wings – not much chance of that happening in this heat, I figured and so I reluctantly booked my seat…

To be continued…


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One Response to A Farang in Penang – part I

  1. Janan says:

    And that was the last we heard of poor Cranky..

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