Dog on a Motorbike

Meanwhile there's an aardvark driving that tuk tuk

I have a theory — shared with many others and heavily backed up by stats — that the most popular movies on the net (besides the cool rude ones) feature cute little animals doing cute little things.

Chasing cars is so much easier with 125 CCs

With this in mind, I am embarking (no pun intended) on a cynical quest to drive more traffic to my Carrot blog by posting a Youtube video of my four-pawed partner and eternal inspiration, Harness Pug. You remember Harness Pug, right? He wears a pug-sized helmet and sports a grumpy scowl? Well, here’s a pic of him to jog your memory:

"Who you calling 'pug ugly'?"

I plan to chop up some footage of him, professionally shot with my iPhone 3GS and, and whack it on the world stage to test my aforementioned theory… probably by next Tuesday or Wednesday. With a bit of luck it will take the cyber world by storm and yield untold tens of dollars in my adSense account – (stubby pug) Claws crossed…


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