Pucca Up

In an age of digital abundance I often find scribbling things down in a notebook – one made from paper, not silicon – to be both convenient and satisfying. Many’s the time I’ve found myself with a drained laptop battery and no wall outlet to hook up to, but I’ve never had to plug in a piece of paper.

You don't really appear to have any

At 10-15 cents a pop, the classic notebook works out a lot cheaper than your standard Asus, Acer or Samsung model too. Of course you won’t exactly be playing Crysis 2 on one, but who needs that when there’s noughts and crosses to look forward to? Sure, it sucks a bit in single-player mode, but come on – use your imagination!

Probably coming on a little too strong there, Pucca

It’s easy enough to overlook, but the artwork they put on the front and back of some of these notebooks is pretty amusing and surreal. Just look at all the kiss-crazy nonsense going on on this one. There’s some psychotic looking girl with fire-cracker pigtails here demanding kisses. I mean, WTF?

This series is called Pucca and I’ve seen their strange antics before:

The type that's illegal in some states?

Five minutes of Google research reveals that this Pucca franchise (originating in South Korea) is huge, with cartoons, a theme park, and even a videogame on the Wii.

Who knew?



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