Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2012

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2012

What could be duller than a whole festival centred around people who prefer broccoli and potatoes to delicious pork chops and plump steaks? Well, probably not much, unless that festival is taking place in Thailand and has less to do with vegetables and more to do with sticking razor sharp objects through your face.


“Next time I’LL hold the flag”

The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket runs for about a week and, as brochures have it, has something to do with cleansing the town of evil spirits. This is achieved by abstaining from sex, alcohol and meat-eating. Ironically people also celebrate the vegetarian festival by turning their heads into human shish-kebabs. I guess it’s hard to salivate at the prospect of a juicy burger dripping with tomato sauce when some guy is bleeding profusely from a harpoon through the cheek.


Rumours of Somjai’s bravery quickly spread by sword-of-mouth

These pictures were taken in and around the Bang Neow shrine in Phuket Town early on the 20th of October. They have several such processions over the course of a few days but you have to rise bright and early if you want to see any of the good stuff. I’m talking 5am-7am. For a guy who considers getting up at noon to be an early start to the day, it was quite a pain to get there on time. Of course, not quite as much of a pain as this though:


Thepnakon couldn’t decide what to mutilated himself with, so he took a pole

More gruesome pics to come…

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