More Vegetarian Festival 2012 Madness!

Chasing three 10mg Diazepam pills with a few shots of Hong Thong whisky seemed like a fantastic way to get to sleep early — being able to wake up by 4am the next day, not so much. Unfortunately this meant I arrived at the Kathu shrine some three hours late for the morning procession. All that was left were a few tables full of pineapples, a bunch of expired fire crackers on the ground and a road block made up of wayward buffalo.

Pineapples: SO much more interesting when their protruding through some guy’s bloodied jowl

Normally, I’d cracker joke about now

First I get every red light on the way here, and and now this

Fortunately I’d taken some 237 photographs and videos of crazy, knife-through-the-face action at the Bang Neow shrine the day before, so there’s plenty more of that stuff to post, trust me. If you’re a fan of human voodoo dolls and personified pin cushions, stay tuned.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless it’s affixed to a giant pole rammed through your face

– CC


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