Everything’s gonna be All-White


So you’re supposed to wear all white clothing during the vegetarian festival, like the good people in the picture above. Unfortunately the only white t-shirt in my cupboard looked like this…


The Meat Man Shirt

…which obviously might not be considered the most appropriate attire during a festival dedicated to purity through vegetarianism. At the very least it would just be confusing, so I forked out three bucks and bought a white singlet instead.

Wearing white seems like a bad idea when you’re going to be ramming sharpened spears and such through your face. Hell, I avoid wearing it when I’m about to chow down on spaghetti bolognese — you just know it’s going to get messy.


The over-sized novelty chopsticks were quickly recalled from the market


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Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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