And so it seems that after a year of sweating it out over this site – ie I literally just sweat in Phuket’s humid climate and did nothing to build the website – it actually has some kind of cash-value.


Cold Hard Cash

That is, according to this other site I just found out about. At the time of writing, siteprice.org estimates the value of crankycarrot.wordpress.blahblahblah at a value of $67. I assume that refers to US dollars, which means it’s worth even more in the Carrot’s native Aussie bucks.

crankycarrot site worth.JPG

So where do I cash in?

67 USD would be enough to buy me a 30 day visa extension and have 500 Baht left over for a sweet dinner for two at Pizza Company. Aroy, aroy!!


– CC


About Cranky Carrot

Half-assed travel blogger and burger connoisseur.
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