4 Responses to About

  1. Miss Q says:

    please tell us about yourself, CC. we readers what to know who you are, what your angle is, why we should subscribe & read your blog. so, throw us a bone & tell us all about YOU. enquiring minds want to know… who are you & why are you so cranky?

  2. Ok sure. But you have to understand I just spent most of the afternoon modelling for my profile shot, which should be running across the top of the page by the time you read this. Or tomorrow.

    Quite the dapper gent, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  3. Ed Castle says:

    Hi, I’ve read on one forum you’ve bought a One Planet backpack and quite expensive too. I’m planning to buy one too. Can you make a review of it just to see if this backpack is worth buying? I’m thinking of getting the One Planet Ned.

    • Hey Ned, or Ed?

      No time to write a review of a backpack right now, but the one I bought was fn awesome and I’m still using it 3+ years later. You should buy it.

      That is all,



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