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Dog on a Motorbike

I have a theory — shared with many others and heavily backed up by stats — that the most popular movies on the net (besides the cool rude ones) feature cute little animals doing cute little things. With this in … Continue reading

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Harness Pug Rides Again

Some say the best time to write is when you feel inspired and, to me, there’s nothing more inspiring than a woman riding a motorbike wearing a pug in a harness. Especially when the pug has it’s own little pug-sized … Continue reading

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This Post Sucks…

…like a monkey on a Chupa Chup. What I’d really like to do is spend some time putting together thoughtful journalistic pieces on the things that matter, like the ladyboy infiltration of society in SE Asia. Or blow the lid … Continue reading

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Life, the Universe and Blogging

So I read this thing that said you’re supposed to blog every day if you want to build and keep an audience. Frankly I thought basic psychology dictated that the rat presses the button for a treat more often when … Continue reading

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Blogging is a Self-Indulgent Waste of Time

…so when I feel like doing that you’ll be sure to hear from meĀ :)~ Meanwhile, enjoy this monkey riding a tricycle. Now THAT’S entertainment!

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